About Cedar Creek Designs

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Woodsheds are built for function, while paintings are made for beauty. My work is an attempt to unify this divide by infusing everyday objects and structures with art. A woodshed must keep out the rain, but beyond that is an open canvas. By coloring these canvases that already surround us, we fill ourselves with inspiration and satisfaction. Our furniture, footbridges, and home shops don't need to be merely utilitarian, but can be imbued with beauty and meaning. This pursuit is neither extravagant or elitist, as it may be criticized. Rather, it is part of an honest effort to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

When this value of artistic infusion is combined with a nourishing relationship with one's community and a sense of place in the surrounding ecology, we become more free. Free from the need to dominate others to elevate ourselves, for we already are soaring. Free to turn away from the deluge of disposable products our capitalist society provides to fill our internal voids, as our hearts are already overflowing. And finally, free to direct all the effort we spend daily on these fleeting, superficial pursuits and apply it to our own calling. Helping people and communities feel this freedom is my passion, and the founding goal of Cedar Creek Designs.  

About Me

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After graduating from Quest University Canada in 2016, I am now turning my sights to the future. I received my Bachelor of Arts and Science with a focus in building design, and am looking for opportunities to apply my skills while continuing my education outside of academia. Exactly where this will take me is unclear, and I am enjoying the uncertainty, as it gives space for reflection.

I grew up remodeling houses with my father at Weeks Custom Carpentry, unhelpfully banging walls at random with a toy hammer by age two or three. Shortly after I began attending Whatcom Hills Waldorf school, where I stayed until high school.  I took wood shop as soon as I was allowed, and in 8th grade I built a sailing dingy as my final project. Waldorf education helped me transition into adolescence without losing the wonder and magic common in children, and I am forever grateful for my time there. 

Throughout my childhood and into University, I attended and later taught at the outdoor school Wolf Camp. I learned wildlife tracking, fire by friction, plant identification, flint knapping and hide tanning, and developed a keen awareness in nature. The more comfortable and relaxed I felt in the pacific northwest forests, the more jarring my return "home" felt. There is a certain dynamic and interconnected flow between the elements of a healthy forest that I learned to see. This flow seemed not to exist in my home, neighborhood, or town. This observation led me to study design of both structures and objects with which we commonly interact. 

During University, I attended and taught classes at OUR Ecovillage, a permaculture based intentional living community. There I was introduced to natural building, which renewed my energy to work towards building this harmony into our homes, communities, and objects around us. I am currently looking for opportunities to continue doing this professionally.