Why "Cedar Creek"?

I tried to come up with a name for a few years. Nothing seemed to fit! My friends were totally unhelpful, offering suggestions like "Torrey's Wood" or "I build Wood Good". I opened a general contracting business in Bellingham, and ended up just calling it "Torrey Burke-Weeks" for lack of a better idea (plus using my own name saved me $3 in registration fees). 

I was recently fishing in Squamish, on a lovely snowy day. Snow is about the easiest tracking there is, and soon enough I had gotten distracted, trailing a black bear through the woods. I was at least a half day behind it, so low chances for a surprise run-in. The tracks led to a stunning view of the river with sweeping cedar branches reaching for the water on both banks, where both the bear and I (several hours apart) stopped for a break. The name seemed obvious at that moment. Thanks Bear! 

The "Cedar Creek" that gave inspiration for the name.

Tracks from the bear who led me.

A spot where the bear bent down to take a drink.